You and I

When we were young, we thought we had time to burn
Without a care we thought we’d just live and learn
We wanted it all and we got more than we needed
We held strong while others moved on to something new

Times have changed, but the urgency still remains
What was good for me was good for you, you know that’s how we’d play
After all the years did you think we’d feel the same
Well you just smile and say baby, we’ve come a long way
If mountains crumble and the sun and moon collide
It won’t matter much, there’ll still be you and I
Whether we stand or fall, like the autumn leave recall
There’ll still be you and I … still … side by side
Here we lay the life we had long said goodbye … here we lay, here forever this way
All the things we’ve said and done … will live forever
The love we lived and the life we loved … will live forever
Will live forever… you and I

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