Your Name My Game

and see the flacker birds black as your appartment is at night
take off when my dog comes a-running to bite
and as they sit on their branches to watch the game
they’re chanting your name
the crows at the game, they chant your name
and as i drive home listening to kimya’s record on K
there’s this deer with its little ones in the field off the freeway
and it’s teaching its fawns who are still a bit lame
to chant your name
the baby deer still lame, they know your name
[go andré]
and the birch trees and the pine trees behind the summer house
they raise their voices when the cigarette drops from the city boy’s mouth
and when they’re shit-scared that a mighty fire could start with a tiny flame
man, they call out your name
shit-scared of a tiny flame, even the trees call your name
and the baboon, and the baboon in the cage at the mercy of scientists
he is brave and he’s a-showing his teeth to resist
and despite all the drugs that they are using to tame
him, he’s a-shouting your name
the baboon that no-one can tame, he’s a-shouting your name
to the scientists who feel no shame, he’s a-shouting your name
and when i’m lost again, well i do the same
i shout your name
(and now we’re gonna slow down a little)
(a little more)
(we call it a song)