You Stepped On Sticky Fingers

I came to pick you up driving
I tried to call you to come down but you were online
And so I had to park by your house
If there’s time for a smoke then I should buy some fags
And a ticket on the window when I come back
I should have written the code to your door
I should have had it as a tattoo on my hand
I should have learnt the numbers by heart
And you would have let me in again
You got into my little blue japanese car
Your hair smelling good from the shower
Looked at all the tapes around and on the floor
You even stepped on sticky fingers
You took the white box of a daniel johnston tape
(Genuine from austin, texas) in your hands and said: “WHAT’S THAT? IT LOOKS PRETTY COOL…”
And I knew that even if for some reason
You didn’t know
Some of the most beautiful things in the world
You were one of them too
And there could be a lot of songs
There could be a lot of songs…