You Could Be A Model Goodbye

they were trapped inside the mall and they couldn’t think of anything
and they could try to sort out with the big man in charge and he talked about some engine times
and how they had been ripped up off their very own town, the one they loved
but soon enough they thought about how they were just kids
how their parents would be mad if they didn’t come back
it was some sort of holiday, the kind you dress up for and
sit around a table and wish you could throw your fork at your stepdad
and she said no one really matters to me and you’re all I care about and
if we stick together like fingers on a fucking hand we could make it big time
in the city where my real dad’s from
you could be a model or you could even write some songs you said
I sold some stuff to a couple of punks and I made enough to pay your debts
I made some cash on the side so we could get the fuck out you said
I’ll make you realize that there are people out there
and they all somehow make it through life though they are uglier than you are
so baby let’s not go home so you won’t have to tell your folks
that you’ve been caught by some stupid cop with a girl from out of town
but by the time’s the manager said it wasn’t such a big deal
and the boy looked pretty cute indeed though she seemed a little weird
you chickened out and said he’d rather at least spend the night home
get some rest and pack his stuff she said goodbye
he said I will miss you in the fall in the winter and the spring
in the daytime at school or in the nighttime when I sing about you, baby
I don’t know what country you’re from but I’m sure glad it’s lestat(?)
‘cause it has to be neat if it’s where you were born
if it’s where you were born
if it’s where you were born, baby