Where Is The Man?

Where is the man? Where is the man that we’re waiting for?
Is he there standing at your gate or at my door?
Is he even gonna knock?
Or is he gonna gather his flock
Like a shepherd

Where is the kid? Where is the kid and where is the goat?
Are they in the field in the shed or in the boat?
Are they playing with your child or are they running in the wild
Like a leopard

Now when the time comes will you live up to your reputation?
Will you stand with the People? Will you fight with the Nation?
Will you praise your king?
Will you bow down and sing
Like a little bird

And at night, at night and all through the morning
You hear a call and the call is a warning
It says Be Prepared
And Do Not Be Scared
You won’t be the second and you won’t be the third