20 Years

Why did it have to come to this?
And why did it have to be like this?
Why did it have to be this way?
And why did I have to put her away?

She showed up kicking down my front door
Slapped me ‘cross the face
And pushed me right down to the floor
Yeah,she called me names
Screaming out through all the tears
What a way to end the day
And waste away two fucking years

Now I’ve lived my life in shame
She said I am the one to blame
But why did it have to go this way?
And as she cried, these tears will never go away

Slow down baby, take it easy
Put that gun back in your car
Shooting me ain’t worth the life behind those metal bars
How about me and you working it out
Can’t you see I’ve come so far
Then she pulled the trigger
And everything around
Just went dark

The judge and jury dealt her down to life without no bail
Goodbye bitch, have fun rotting away in county jail
You called me a cheat, and shot without hearing the truth
I kicked that lover out, and baby that ain’t no excuse

The judge he handed her out 20 years right to the day
I know my wounds are healed but the scars won’t go away
I hope you can’t remember what you’ve done or what you’ve said
Or in 20 years you’ll find me and you’ll try again
To shoot me dead.