Someone Knows Better Than Me

In August I went out to the country for resting
There was a family of swallows in the barn there nesting
I saw the little ones and their feathers were breezy
I pictured their life and I thought it was easy
I said these guys just have to sit there and squeak
And their mother comes back with insects in her beak to feed them

You said, man,
Swallows migrate and it is amazing
They fly from Alaska to Argentina with their little wings
And I said I had never heard of such a journey
But someone knows better than me
Someone knows better than me

And then we were in Stockholm and it was beautiful in July
And the day after this famous Swedish director Ingmar Bergman died
And all the national papers had some special issues
With beautiful pictures and interesting interviews
I figured it was unlikely that they would gather all this stuff overnight
They must have needed much more time than this to write

And he felt rancid
And you said David
David don’t you know about pictures?
They keep them at hand for the death of celebrities
And I said I will never get used to how twisted news can be
But someone knows better than me
Someone knows better than me

And then I remembered one month of June in Coney Island
When I was hiding a bottle of beer in the sand
It was too late for the ride(?) and it was too late for the Cyclone
Then I didn’t have a girlfriend, but I didn’t feel alone
I didn’t need anyone to watch the sunset or maybe my brother
And now every time the sun goes down I hope we will be together kissin’

Baby listen
Baby I don’t want to be without you
It would make me so mad, I wouldn’t know what to do
I was blind but now I can see
But someone knows better than me
Someone knows better than me
Someone knows better than me

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