Pure Hearts

well i got pure hearts to get to you
all they shine brighter than the stars above
i hope you know what you do
when you’re turning your back on my love
and in the garden down by the pond
when the sun comes to an eclipse
well i hope you’ll respond
to the kisses that i lay on your lips
and your sister says: “do it thunder when you were born
some time around the fall of 1979?
and now there’s a magnetic storm
when you rest your sweet body on mine
and in a garbage can under trash and paper
there is a wanted man with his face on fire
and he looks down on me and he says
that he is better off the way he is
than me with a love like yours if you go
and my enemies they want me blind
they want to slowly see me die of thirst
well they should know that i don’t mind
if you’re holding my arm when it hurts
and i need you here to relieve me
when there’s a demon to fight
and i’m helpless if you leave me
like a werewolf in a full moonlight
like a werewolf in a full moonlight