Not On Top

I feel a little strange
Feels like i’ll never get my shit
27 and I’m fucked
Well it’s ten years from teenage
And that’s a freaking lot
I think I’m getting old
I thought I never say
Then I bought nevermind
And it changed my life some 15 years ago
I thought that my little sister
Would have never ever made it out of High School
And be looking for job
Yeah right

Not on top
Baby I’m not on top

And your love is like a diamond
With a sadistic sick crowd of bastards peeping in the bleechers
There’s two men and no team
What is peaching canonballs the other one is hitting wind
I’ve done a lot of training
To try to stick to my position
Locked up in the attic
Now I’m falling in love with her
And there’s 67 better ways to make some sense
Yeah whatever


I told you


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