Tired Of Talking

Sweeping months of lust under the rug
Will she ever hold my hand
I’ve asked her many times to dance

This appartment’s losing all its soul
I’ve been toying with rubberbands
Making beautiful mud out of this sand
All that we wanted, are now things we can’t
Measuring love by the weight of demand

She gets mad at me, now I’m tired of talking
She gets mad at me, now I’m tired of talking

Parting ways with comfort zones and wars
Can you still trust a soul
When she’s let you go two times before
Clotheslines far too heavy with these rags
But I keep holding tight
Yet I’m steering a life I’m not steering a kite
Sunshine is losing the stormiest fight
I haven’t been furious, just out of my mind
I wont say a word...you’ve let your actions decide

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